JHS Core Values

Junior High School

Core Values, Strategic Directions, Strategy and the School Objectives

NDU Core Values

NDU Junior High School Core Values

Our Core Values

The NDU CORE Values of Faith, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Service (FIRES) direct, govern, guide, nurture and sustain at all times the life of Notre Dame University.

As an Oblate educational institution, we seek to be constantly led by our firm belief in one God, Almighty yet loving and compassionate.

Such faith may be expressed in a variety of ways or religions according to our different cultural, historical and theological contexts. Naturally, such diversity can only call for mutual respect, and a sincere desire to appreciate each other’s celebrations and activities, which must be given ample and equal opportunities to be celebrated.

Such faith entails strength and maturity that are manifested both in one’s personal life as well as in the life of the believing community. This faith in God is an active faith that is, a faith which manifests itself in loving action in behalf of others.

As members of the NDU community, we are committed to the Vision-Mission, goals and strategic directions of Notre Dame University and remain loyal to the Oblate Charism and Mission.

Charism simply means ‘gift’. God showers his people with a variety of gifts for their personal salvation and the service of the world. The Congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate is also a gift to the Church and to the world.

This giftedness has its sources in the personal conversion experience of its founder, St. Eugene de Mazenod, and his insight into the needs of the Church and the world of his time.

Among the rich components of his charism are: a deep personal experience of being loved by God despite one’s sinfulness; recognition of the presence of God in the many faces of the poor, and therefore, of their inherent dignity as created by God, and indeed, as sons and daughters of God; a spirit of daring in the effort to make Christ known to others.

Integrity is the foundation for living an ethical life. It involves being honest, fair, just, whole, and following moral compass. Concerned for the common good as individuals and as a community, we commit ourselves to honesty in all relations with students, faculty, staff, and administration. Through our integrity, we maintain the trust of the surrounding and of public, private, and governmental agencies.

We value and respect the contribution of each member of the Notre Dame University community to the advancement of our mission. We encourage and support each other as colleagues working together for the good of the whole institution. We value human dignity and we respect the integrity of creation.

Recognizing the dignity of all persons, we seek to address instances of injustice both within and outside our community from a stance of informed advocacy. We hold ourselves accountable to each other and endeavor to practice responsible stewardship of the resources available to us.

As an Oblate Institution, we envision to promote the Oblate character and mission in the pursuit of excellence in education in a context of poverty, violence and pluralism of culture, faiths and ideologies. We seek to combine faith with reason in the pursuit of academic excellence. We call all members of the community to excel as individuals and as professionals within their specific roles. To bring out the best even in the most ordinary things that one does, is highly motivated and aims high; guided by high standards and norms.

As members of Notre Dame University community, we seek to encourage habits of caring, engagement, and civic responsibility by incorporating our own particular approach to service learning into the curricula, by reflecting a service orientation in our research interest, and by emphasizing and encouraging the connection between excellence, leadership, service, and, development for the professions.

We are sensitive to the plight and suffering of the disadvantaged sector of society especially the poorest of the poor. We are moved into action by these sufferings and struggle. We help people unconditionally without expecting something in return and we work in collaboration with other individuals or groups whose goal is to help uplift the lives of the poor.

Our University Strategic Directions

Direction 1:
  • Ensure compliance to Standards and Quality Assurance set by regulatory bodies and demands for global education;
Direction 2:
  • Improve operations management and processes to maximize productivity, develop culture of research, enhance active involvement in extension and ensure holistic student development and formation for leadership, employability and community development;
Direction 3:
  • Sustain quality education through programs and services to increase clientele and access partnership with agencies both Government Organizations (GOs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and engage in relevant programs for peace and development.

Our University Strategy

Enhancing performance in an enabling environment driven by student-centeredness and inspired by the core values of Faith, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Services (FIRES) through Formation, Instruction, Research and Extension (FIRE)

NDU-Junior High School Objectives

NDU-JHS envisions to be a School of Excellence and Character. It proactively directs, guides and provides a balanced curriculum and activities towards the holistic development of its learners.

Specifically, NDU-JHS aims to:
  1. inculcate in the students the NDU Core Values of Faith, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Service (FIRES), and the values and traditions of the Filipino people
  2. develop the students for lifelong learning: well-balanced, critical, creative and socially responsible
  3. enhance the aptitudes, interests, work ethics, and occupational knowledge for productive endeavor and for further formal studies in higher education.