Junior High School

Student's Code of Conduct


NDU Junior High School Student's Code Of Conduct


Driven by our CORE VALUES of FIRES, I commit to uphold and behave in accordance with this Students’ Code of Conduct, to foster and pursue the Vision-Mission and to ensure a meaningful and productive stay at Notre Dame University.


  1. I seek to be constantly led by my firm belief in one God, almighty and compassionate.
  2. I strive to uphold my faith and respect the faith of others.
  3. I endeavor to actively participate in the University’s religious and spiritual programs and activities.

  1. I Conduct myself well and deal with tasks and others with honesty, justice, transparency and accountability.
  2. I work hard to finish my subjects/courses without cheating and violating the rights of others.
  3. I shall adhere to the College and University policies, rules and regulations including the provisions of the Student’s Handbook.
  4. I shall continue to carry myself in such a manner that I help maintain the trust of the general public in Notre Dame University.

  1. I am courteous and polite as I deal with fellow students, faculty, staff and administrators.
  2. I respect and uphold the rights of others, recognizing each one’s contribution to the advancement of our mission.
  3. I am sensitive and mindful of the things I say and do.
  4. I shall make every effort to build peace.
  5. I shall always endeavor to practice responsible stewardship of resources available to us.

  1. I carefully and diligently handle my responsibilities as a student, actively pursuing outstanding performance in academics, sports and arts.
  2. I am actively engaged in curricular and co-curricular programs for my holistic development.
  3. I strive to develop lifelong learning skills in thinking and doing.
  4. I continually seek opportunities to become the best that I can be.

  1. I am actively involved in the University’s programs for community development, especially for the disadvantaged sector of the society.
  2. I shall continue to develop the habit of caring for others and assuming social responsibility for them.
  3. I shall always support my school and my University without expecting something in return.
  4. I shall continue to strive to be a worthy Notre Damean, promoting OBLATE CHARACTER AND MISSION in the pursuit of excellence in education.
I am a Notre Damean.
I will always be proud to be one!


Students should always be well-behaved and well-mannered wherever they are.

As soon as the students enter the school campus on school days or when required to attend activities officially approved by the administration, they are obliged to follow rules to ensure their well-being in school.

  1. Students should observe the official time set by the school: 7:00 AM – 4:50 PM.
  2. Students who must come earlier should stay in their designated place in the High School ground/lounge or classroom. However, students who must go home later than the above-mentioned time should stay on the First Floor Lobby of the Benjamin de Jesus Building at ETD.
  3. Students who have entered the campus are not allowed to go out anymore until dismissal time. Likewise, those have left the campus after dismissal time are not allowed reentry.
  4. All prayers should be recited with reverence and proper decorum. Students should stop whatever they are doing when the chime signals the Angelus (12:00 noon) and the Three O’clock Prayer (3:00 pm).
  5. Politeness is required when a student is called to recite, when he/she is addressing a teacher, when a classmate is called to recite or is asking a question. Likewise, politeness requires the students to listen attentively during classroom discussion, program, symposium, and religious gathering.
  6. Students should refrain from talking loudly, laughing, singing, and other forms of disturbances while classes are going on.
  7. Students should submit themselves for inspection as requested by security officers.
  8. Students are assigned permanent chairs by their respective advisers. These chairs are to be taken care of by the students. They would be held responsible for their loss, damage or any form of vandals on them.
  9. Students are also assigned permanent place in the classroom seating arrangement. They should not transfer seat unless allowed by the teacher. They should not roam around the classroom when discussion is going on.
  10. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom during class hours or in between periods (during teacher’s transfer from one room to another) except when they are sick and have to go to the clinic, go to the restrooms, or are needed by the school authorities but teacher’s permission in this case should be obtained. [related to #3]
  11. It is the duty of the class PIO to report to the Principal when the teacher is not in the classroom five minutes after the bell has rung. In case the subject teacher is absent, the class officers should maintain order inside the classroom until the substitute teacher arrives.
  12. Classroom officers are given the authority to report to the Prefect of Students for disciplinary action their classmates who misbehave or do not follow them in the exercise of their duties.


When the students leave the campus after dismissal, they have to maintain good manners and ethical conduct reflective of their being a Notre Damean in character.

  1. All students of NDU-JHS are expected to conduct themselves properly, project a good image, and uphold its ideals.
  2. The student has the responsibility, when acting as official representative of the school, to abide by the rules and regulations of the duly designated school authorities.
  3. Students can only participate as representative of the school in any outside activity if authorized in writing by the Principal.
  4. Students should not use the name of the school for solicitation, production, and/or selling of materials carrying NDU logo/name and other similar activities without proper written authorization from the Principal.
  5. NDU-JHS cannot be held responsible for its students outside the school premises. However, a student’s reported misconduct outside the campus will be subject of inquiry and investigation by the school authorities.
  6. Students should keep away from bars, gambling places, pool rooms, and other places of ill-repute.
  7. Students should respect and obey courteously all those vested with authority.
  8. Students should respect everyone whether personnel or customers/clients at commercial establishments (malls, restaurants), other private or public institutions, government agencies, and even passengers on public transportation.
  9. Students should always observe and uphold the discipline implemented by the school wherever they are, and should be held responsible for misbehavior committed outside the school premises especially when the good name of the school is involved.